Welcome to Shults Media Relations, LLC
We can help…
Shults Media Relations helps clients by building relationships
between their products, services and their market.  
We are NOT in business to win awards, make ourselves look good, or to try to be clever or unique for the sake of being clever or unique.  
We help our clients through a variety of very aggressively applied media relations. We utilize various tactics, out-of-the-box thinking, and promotional methods specifically designed to build brand awareness and sales for our clients’ products and services.
Thanks to today’s communication capabilities we can operate out of economically booming Grand Junction, in beautiful Western Colorado. Our contacts and expert associates here and around the world are used to your advantage. We can draw on the efforts of proven experts in media relations, marketing and advertising. This allows us to effectively utilize specialists, if needed, without the fixed costs of a building full of employees. These specialists are used on a as needed basis and are retained at no additional charge to our clients, unless mutually agreed upon in advance for special projects.        
                         Please contact us at  greatstuff@acsol.net
Grand Junction as seen from Colorado National Monument
Grand Junction’s Wine Country
Jim Shults